2023 RATES

The Welcome Bag


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The Welcome Bag is stuffed weekly (with marketing material from local advertisers) and delivered every Friday to real estate agencies & campgrounds.   All towns are represented and are considered separate markets as follows:

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Real Estates:
OC - Ocean City
SIC - Sea Isle City
Av/SH - Avalon/Stone Harbor
WW - North Wildwood, Wildwood & Wildwood Crest
CM - Cape May, West Cape May & Cape May Point
North OC - Marmora, Tuckahoe
SIC - Seaville, Ocean View, South Seaville
Av/SH - Clermont, Swainton, Cape May Court House
WW/CM - Green Creek, Rio Grande, Cold Spring, Dias Creek
  • A list of participating real estates agencies & campgrounds is available by calling our office.  What you should know is that almost every real estate agency in every town participates in the program.  In addition, almost all campgrounds are in the program.

  • A different quantity of bags is distributed in each market. These numbers are available for each location and campground area.  We project the totals based on the previous year's distribution, and also with estimated numbers from the real estate agencies for the coming season.  Our estimates have always been accurate within a few hundred bags every year.  We try to err on the positive side so that your flyer is in every Welcome Bag. 


The Welcome Bag is constructed of  heavy 3 mil recycled plastic.   It has an attractive design that creates overwhelming curiosity to look inside because it advertises what is inside on the outside of the bag.

  • Each bag is printed with the distributing real estate's name and logo.   This is a key part of the program because the real estates are committed to giving the bag out since it advertises their company and is their welcome package to their clients.  We also place information in the bags for the real estate agencies advertising sales and future rentals.

  • The campgrounds use the bag to present rental site locations, campground information and supplies as well as using it as their official welcome packet.

  • The finished sample of your insert can be no larger than 8 1/2" X 11" folded.  But you should call our office to inquire about the size of the printed piece you want to use for your insertion.

  • Magnets can be stuffed in the bag for a rate of $75 per 1,000 pieces.   TAC must produce the magnet for it to be included in the bag.  Magnet advertisers only need to have the bag stuffed for a couple of weeks to get complete coverage of most rental unit refrigerators in each market.

  • Product insertion - by quote only.


One of the real benefits to the advertiser is that the recipient has the bag in their hands within 5 minutes of their arrival tin the Jersey Seashore... not three days into their vacation or at the end of their stay.  Other advertising vehicles such as newspapers, magazines, radio, etc. cannot guarantee the same result.


The Welcome Bag is presented to the renter with the keys and lease at every check-in.  The real estate agencies sign a contract agreeing to do so.  We monitor the program because we deliver weekly, so we know if  the real estates are following the program.  But remember that the real estates want to give the bags out as part of their marketing efforts.

  • The real estate agencies and campgrounds cannot stuff any flyers inside The Welcome Bag.  They sign a contract prohibiting this activity.

  • Advertisers can advertise in multiple towns or both in real estates and campgrounds and receive discounts for including more than one market.  These are listed under multiple market combination pricing in the price list.

  • Advertisers supplying their own flyers should deliver the full estimated quantity to our building.  Those bringing partial quantities cannot be guaranteed to be in every Welcome Bag. 

  • Since The Welcome Bag is stuffed weekly, advertisers can get into the bag at anytime at a prorated rate.  

  • We require a $100 deposit on all accounts.  Accounts with past credit issues may be required to prepay.

bullet The Welcome Bag runs from Memorial Day weekend to the last weekend in September.  But our rate is based on the 10 highest check-in weekends.   Missing these key weeks are  the only weeks we will deduct from the market price.
bullet Everyone that receives The Welcome Bag is here for at least a week, some two weeks, or the whole season.  These people are here for an extended stay and have more time to use our advertising services or products.  These are key consumers because of their length of stay unlike hotels whose average stay is much less.
  • These consumers have a large disposable income, renting homes that go for an average of $3,000 a week or more, or owning campers worth thousands of dollars.