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Sales & Rental Guides

Increasing sales and rentals with the use of guides is a proven winner.  We can assist in production from conceptual design, photography, typesetting, printing, distribution planning, mailing and insertion into your Welcome Bag® free of charge.  All our guide formats can be printed in one, two or four color process.  Also guides can be printed with full color signatures matched with one or two color signatures.


Sale/Rental Flyers

Flyers make good sense when it comes to marketing your listings as a group.  Flyers can include up to 32 properties on an 8 1/2" x 14" two-sided sheet.  Strategic distribution and mailing will contribute to an increase in sales and new listings.  We can distribute the flyer in your Welcome Bag® free of charge.  Flyers can be printed in one, tow or four color process.  Personalize your flyer with your own photograph or group your photo with others in your office and get a quantity discount.  Panels can be sold as advertisements to offset your cost.  Flyers can also be designed as self mailers.

Full-Color Business Cards

Personal marketing starts with your business card.  Your photograph will be drum scanned for the highest quality image and placed in your choice of formats (or provide a digital format).  Provide us with your logo and card copy.  Our base business card also includes back printing with 30 words of type.


We can match your letterhead to your current stock or provide you with a totally new look.  Print your photograph as a black and white image or opt for our four color option.  Matching envelopes and second sheets can be provided to fulfill your order.



Keeping your company name in front of your clients and letting your customers know about new services or opportunities is vital to any business.  Newsletters can accomplish this at a very low cost.  We will create a complete design, typeset, scan photography and print you newsletter for one low price.  Our library of artwork can be customized to illustrate your message and provide an original, professional look.  Newsletters are available in a variety of stocks and can be printed in one, two or four color process.


Personal Profiles

Competition is tough out there, so you need to separate yourself from them.  Personal Profiles are an excellent way to introduce yourself, toot your accomplishments, provide a professional image and give you client the confidence to award you the contract or listing.  Everyone has different ideas, but it's always hard to get started.  We can help with sample ideas, stock formats and a personal interview to help your profile become a reality.  Profiles can be printed in four-color process with our TACGloss™ coating or two-color.  We'll suggest different paper stocks to match your image.  We offer three basic formats that you can customize to meet your needs.

Property Sales Profiles

Extraordinary properties need special marketing.  Top quality, four-color property profiles fulfill that need.  Sales Profiles are excellent sales tools but their real value is as a listing magnet.  Big ticket homeowners expect top flight marketing and look for the agents that can provide it. Many homeowners will consider funding the project if the work is coordinated by the agent.  Full-color photography of outside as well as inside of the home can be displayed in a graphically pleasing manner.  Aerial estate photographs can be taken to show the total impact of your extraordinary listing.  If your property has a small budget, consider one- or two-color layouts which can also be designed as self-mailers!


Presentation Folders

Legal size presentation folders are valuable tools when closing that important sale.  Available in over 50 paper stocks to match your professional image or office stationery.  Designed for your office or for your personal use with your photograph in color.  Pricing includes design, typesetting and printing of your folder.  Real estate oriented ads from local merchants can be presented on the back and flap positions to offset the cost of the folders.

Post Cards

Just Listed · Just Sold · Open House
Salesman Announcement · Thank You

Pricing includes all design, typesetting and printing of your idea.  Post cards can be printed in one, two or four color process to meet your budget.  Reverse side can be set up for post card mailing or produced on your laser printer.  Three sizes to choose from:
Post Card Mailing Rate:  3 1/2"x 5 1/2" · 4" x 6"
1st Class Card Mailing Rate:  3 1/2" x 8 1/4"
· 4" x 9"
8 1/2" X 11" Laser Sheets:  Creates four cards

Full-Color Calendars

Choose from a variety of themes that include Scenic America, Norman Rockwell, Wildlife, Destination Dreams, Murphy's Law or gardens.  Imprint your real estate name, important information and your name.  For a small charge include your photograph.  Your ad displayed 365 days a year for a fraction of a penny a day.

Commercial Real Estate Sell Sheets

Four-color, one-side on 100 lb. coated high gloss stock.  You can include photographs of building and surrounding areas.  Aerial photography can be arranged to give overall impact of location.  Reverse side of sheet prints in black ink and includes a map showing location and important data in table format.  Pricing includes all design, typesetting and printing.  Photography is extra and can be arranged or provided by you.  Can be designed to be a self-mailer.

Keep in Touch Cards

Keeping your name and photograph in front of your key contacts is a secret that top sales people do well.  These cards are designed to let people know you are thinking about them and as a vehicle to deliver a key message.  We can imprint your message and/or photograph or ship them with a black message panel.  Envelopes are included.  Six different designs for six different months will accomplish your goal of keeping in touch. For complete copy of each month's design, contact customer service.
Sold in sets of 50 or 3, 4, or 6 different cards.


Call for sample products, pricing and quotes.  609-390-2411