Promotional Specialties


Glassware is the perfect marketing piece to present your logo over and over again.  TAC offers different mugs, pilsners, liters, martini, shot and rock glasses.  If you are operating an outside deck, use one of our take home heavy duty plastic beer glasses.  The plastic take home cups will decrease disposable expense and sell your restaurant deck bar for as long as the cup stays in the cupboard.

Frisbee Flyers

Frisbee Flyers make the perfect dish for a kids meal.  Meal is served on the frisbee and the frisbee is then taken home with your message to be seen over and over again.  A fun way to advertise your restaurant!


Our custom magnets can be printed in as many colors as you want.  Magnets work not only for take out business, but for reservations as well.  Custom sizes and shapes are available and delivery is prompt.  Magnets can serve as a mini-billboard on refrigerators throughout your geographical selling area.

If your restaurant delivers, you can have a car magnet designed to place on the delivery vehicle.  This large magnet can be easily seen and acts as an advertisement in your delivery area.  Sometimes people forget or may not realize your restaurant delivers until they are reminded by your "billboard" driving by.


Match Books / Boxes

Something they can take home!  These foil stamped match books are imprinted with your business logo, a useful way to create name recognition.  Eleven foil colors to choose from.  Inside cover printing available.

Match Boxes come in two sizes with 23 natural wood stick matches in the larger box and 10 sticks in the smaller box.

Sold by the case, each case holds 2,500 books or boxes.



All across the nation aprons are enabling businesses to market their name/logo and have their employees looking sharper while making their job easier.  Employees can locate their needed tools easier while waiting tables, bartending or making sandwiches at the deli.  These are just a few of the jobs that are perfect for apron use.  We offer a number of different styles:  waist, bistro or 24", 30" and 36" aprons.  All styles feature long ties and come in a variety of fabrics and colors.  One color imprints look great.

Logo Printed Wearables

Check out our imprinted sportswear and other advertising specialties on our "Promotions / Specialties" pages.